You see what I did there?  See, because we’re making fun of the “Twilight” kids, but then at the same time referring to something else that would make us the target of someone’s mockery.

Jokes are always funnier when you have to explain them.  That’s what my improv coach taught me.  Although I suppose technically he was less an improv coach and more Walter, the homeless guy who I would happen across from time to time during my days of undergrad.

Don’t get me wrong, Walter was an excellent improvisational actor.  He would just go to three stories that were in his wheelhouse.  One was to ask for money because he needed to get on the bus to see his sister (alternate:  his niece).  One was something that I can’t remember anymore.  And one was that he needed money to get the lunch special down at the local supermarket.

I drove past my old school the other week, and as I did, I saw Walter talking to some impressionable youths, no doubt continuing to hone his craft and spread the Walter technique of improvisational panhandling.  It made me smile.

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve been gone for quite a while.  We’re sorry for that, life got in the way.  It’s not really as glamorous as we make it sound, but Spencer’s been super busy with trying to save the planet (something you may have heard if you listen to the normaltivicasts) and I’ve been finishing up some writing that was long overdue to be finished.

I told you it wasn’t nearly as exciting as it may have first sounded.

But the statement that I made earlier still stands.  If you haven’t read the statement, the gist is that we’re going to be slowing down a bit (if you haven’t already noticed), and freeing ourselves from the “hey we need to update every week” thing.

Perhaps this makes us lazy.  We’d like to think that it means we’re only going to be uploading stuff we actually enjoy.  Which hopefully means that it’ll be stuff that you enjoy more, as well.

All of that is to say, please stop making angry comments on my Facebook page.  We’re working as hard as we can.  Sort of.



It has been a long time! First, apologies to everyone for the infrequencies and the tardiness, as most of it has been my fault. I’ve been obsessed with working, and am happy to be so, but it’s made me neglect my only “creative” outlet. Creative in that I only really draw about 1 or 2 images, and find ways to recycle them as much as possible.

This is also a momentous occasion in that Dan helps out with the art chores! This is actually the second time Dan has contributed art, the first being his solo debut, but we decided to collaborate this time around, and I think it came out nicely.

Confession: I read the first Twilight book, but not New Moon. As a substitute teacher, I have a good amount of down time, where the students have to finish some busy-work assignment, and I am often to my own constrained devices, so i sometimes bring in a comic book. One of my students was reading one of the Twilight books, and she asked me if I’ve read any of them. I told her I did, but didn’t particularly enjoy. I thought the writing was terrible, and the characters were very two-dimensional. She looked offended, and said, “Mister, I see you reading Spider-man all the time.” That was it. Nothing more, but I realized how ridiculous it is for the nerd community to discriminate against other nerds. We should all be happy to have more nerds join our ilk, even if it’s because of super-duper shitty writing and character development.

I want this button.