In today’s intrepid episode, we discover just how it is that Dino gets his kittens!

I believe that today’s comic was the result of looking at this guy’s page. Apparently he gets his material by giving people crap on craigslist.

Reading through his postings, I am reminded of the time that I was selling my bed (I was getting ready to move out of my awesome tiny studio apartment in NYC) and there was this one guy that kept e-mailing me.  It went something like this:

1.  He asked if the bed was available.  I told him sorry, someone else beat him to it.

2.  He e-mailed back, and offered more money than the other guy was paying (I didn’t tell him what the other guy was paying) – and noted that his mother told him it never hurts to ask.  At this point, I was thinking it does indeed hurt to ask sometimes, but I politely refused again, citing my earlier agreement.

3.  He e-mailed a third time, noting my “integrity” and saying that I wouldn’t technically be breaking my word since my ad said “best offer” and his offer was better than the one I had accepted, and also something about international law and 24 hours and I don’t know what.  He also promised to tell me why he was doing this (and that he had a good reason).

I decided it would be best to no longer respond.  I also decided it was a good thing I had been using a temporary e-mail address for all this correspondence.

Anyway, I guess the point of all that is that you never know who’s on the other end of the craigslist posting.  Sometimes it’s a crazy guy with a machete.  But sometimes, sometimes, it’s someone who genuinely needs what you are offering.  Even if it’s not in the way you were thinking.

On another tangent (although this is related to the topic of kittens), I would be very sad if I didn’t point your attention to an mp3 of the Dan Patrick Show from last year, when Chi McBride did an awesome Christopher Walken impersonation. If you have time, you really should listen to the whole file – “Walken” shows up in the first segment, but the kittens moment comes about 2/3 of the way through, when Chi McBride is telling stories about the heroic Mr. Walken.

And it’s awesome.

And finally on another note altogether, does that first panel look familiar?  It should. In his haste to prepare this week’s comic, it appears our intrepid artist has decided to pay homage to himself. Or, you know, rip himself off.  I suppose it’s no surprise, though – this sort of “recycling” is used all the time in the world of animation.  Perhaps the utilization of such technique simply means that we are learning.

Of course, what am I complaining about?  I don’t think I even wrote this one.  Which means I was essentially useless for this week’s process.



I actually got requests to do more strips with dinosaur eating cats.  Some people just assume that the normaltivity staff hates cats, but that’s really not the case.  Does a connoisseur of fine steaks hate cows?  Of course not, and that is how we at Normaltivity (though I can’t speak for Dan, but definitely the rest of the Normaltivity staff) regard cats.  They are delicious, furry, feisty,  adorable cases of meat that reproduce at an incredible rate.

I do believe that Dan might have contributed something to this.  I think he said, “Oh hey, that’s pretty funny” or something, which gave me the confidence to go ahead and illustrate this, or 2/3 of it as Dan aptly points out.  Dan also wrote that long-ass blog you see above.



Do I hate cats?  Not that I’m aware of.  I know some cats personally that I think are quite humorous and generally pleasant to be around.

On the other hand, I am pretty firm in my belief that I would prefer to have a dog in the house than a cat.

Does that make me catist?  Maybe.  But think about it:  that crazy lady that lives at the end of the block and never got married or had kids and you probably thought that she was a witch or something but as it turns out when your ball got stuck in her yard she was pretty nice and she gave you cookies and they weren’t even laced with anything?

She had cats.