Can I just start this off with; Barney Frank is awesome?

The message to take away from all of this is that if you want to be taken seriously, one must:

1)  Yell at the top of their lungs in a righteous tone

2)  Accuse everyone that disagrees with them of being Nazis

3)  Make up “facts” and statistics

Now, Adam is not really a protester, so much as an actor participating in live theater.  You know, like those people that “spontaneously” begin dancing to choreography in a crowded subway, being caught and shared through a phone commercial.  It’s just spontaneous antics.

Of course, these spontaneous antics should be taken seriously, because the message is following the guidelines to be taken seriously.  From here on out, whenever I’m in a meeting, and someone disagrees with me, I’m just going to yell, “ISN’T THAT WHAT HITLER WANTED?  YOU NAZI!  I KNEW YOU’D TAKE THEIR SIDE!” and inevitably win the argument.  Unless it’s Barney Frank, because he’d probably tell me I’m dumber than a box of hair, and calling people dumb, especially when there is  blatant evidence of dumbness, will probably win out.



There certainly does seem to be a lack of conscious thought, or at least the ability to listen to the other side that is plaguing these town hall meetings.  Sen. Frank’s response to this woman (and if you’ve seen the extended video, to some of the other questions) is a refreshing bit of backbone from the left, which tends to be all soft and mushy in the face of loud screaming people.

Of course, now that I’ve said that, here I come with the advocacy for being soft and mushy:  it makes for a good confidence booster, and it certainly feels good, but really, what is going to change minds?  Perhaps this is the world we live in now where people just have default knee-jerk reactions to things (in the extended video, Barney Frank says that part of the way to pay for the plan is to raise taxes on people making more than $350K, except the crowd started booing once he said raise taxes… of course, once he got through the whole thing, they clapped, because I doubt anyone in that room makes that much money).  We’re in an era now where “news” is coming to us 140 characters at a time (SIDEBAR:  why is Twitter named so?  There’s a definition of the word “twit” that roughly means “an insignificant or bothersome person” – isn’t that basically what Twitter is turning us all into?) which means that we no longer worry about the details:  we just run with the headline and regurgitate the sound bites we hear on cable news – which tend to be at best propoganda, and at worst poorly formed.  Isn’t it time we remembered that the things on the sides of our heads are attached to our brains and can help translate aural stimulation into thoughts and ideas we can understand, and then said brain can have us say something through our mouth holes that is actually reasoned and rational?

I’m being told no, that isn’t possible.  Oh well.

Sorry.  I got a bit ranty there for a minute.  What was I saying?  Oh yes.  As long as we’re not listening to each other, we might as well have fun with it.  And playing an old person saying things that don’t make a whole lot of sense (except on Fox News)?  Fun.

Incidentally, some of you may have noticed that we’ve gotten a bit more political over the past few strips – indeed, some of you have commented on how we’ve made a bit of a left turn.  But don’t worry – we should be returning soon to lighter times!  I think.

As long as I don’t watch any more cable news.