Sorry I’m late with this, but I’ve got three jobs, and for some reason, they all got demanding this week, which means I am at present powered by caffeine! First, I’d like to share this little gem:

The man is a living internet meme. I’m actually at work right now, and youtube is blocked, which means I can’t find all the awesome mentos commercials I wanted to post, but hopefully Dan can pick up the slack between all of his work “writing.”

I’ve always had an affinity for those mentos commercials where people find clever solutions to every day problems, though I think inviting yourself into someones car is just plain rude. What was this guy thinking?


The tag for this one is in another language, but that’s okay:

As I understand it, creating content regarding the seminal topic of mentos is a sort of rite of passage for internet content auteurs.  Whether it comes in the form of parody, or the “mentos and diet coke” variety, or the “mentos and anything other than diet coke” content, it seems that doing something with mentos (or at least referencing the Dutch treat) is something that all aspiring minor internet celebrities must go through – while you can’t find the videos anymore (they’ve been removed due to “branding” issues) even the infamous “keyboard cat” once did a mentos video.

But you know, don’t go trying to find that or anything.  ’cause you won’t.

Considering there have been many, many, many parodies of the mentos commercials in the past (suggesting that it may deserve it’s own sub-genre – “mento-drama” is what I would humbly suggest), I doubt that we have ventured into unknown territory – after all, I’m sure we can all agree that those mentos commercials seem to exist as some sort of bizarre parallel universe, where a person can be held blameless simply by enjoying a bit of candy.

In this universe (and, we believe, our own), things turn out quite a bit differently for the one we’ve dubbed “The Norwegian” – and we have dubbed him thusly even though we are fully aware that mentos is a Dutch candy.

It’s an artistic decision.

– Dan