I am fairly certain that you are just as shocked as we are that we are posting an additional comic today.

Please do not expect such rapid work from us in the future!  We are but men, and as such, we both have other things to attend to from time to time.

This is certainly not a videogame comic – we would never dare try to go up against the mighty Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade, to name but one.  We certainly would never, ever suggest anything derogatory about them simply to start some kind of flame war in the desperate hopes of increasing our own traffic!

But on the other hand, just because we are not a videogame comic, this does not mean that we cannot deal with the issue of videogames!  Certainly we can all agree that the game industry, with its XBoxes and its Playstations and its Nintendo thingies has permeated our culture enough that everyone, male or female, dinosaur or ninja, can enjoy the thrill of multi-player competition via television, programmed game, and controller.

Despite what you may believe, this is not a treatise on video game violence!  We are simply suggesting that, when immersed in friendly competition, things can sometimes get a bit heated.

Oh!  One last thing, before I forget:  some of you out there may have questions or comments about the controllers that are being used.  Some of you may even have notions that make you believe that our artwork is somehow erroneous.

But you would be wrong. There is nothing wrong with your computer screen.  The design was intentional.



Man, drawing this strip really makes me want brownies.