This?  This right here?  Where the attractive, single woman who can make food things approaches the writer while he’s “working” in the coffee shop?

This is the dream.

Which makes it all the more strange that I did not write this particular adventure.  One would think that my predisposition to spending time with a laptop and a cup of scalding water passed through ground and roasted beans would have the imaginational fortitude to dream up such a scenario.

What can I say?  I’ve been slacking off.  On the other hand, the podcast was my idea.  So there.

Some other oddities I feel like pointing out as I attempt to fulfill my one traditional duty:

– I also have a friend named Kristen K, but not the one whom this joke is built upon (at least, I think.  It’s spelled differently, anyway).

– In elementary school, I recall that there was a closed-circuit program that some of the older students would put on.  One of the segments was a cooking segment, entitled “Kids Can Cook.”  I do not entirely remember whether or not it was spelled “Kids Kan Kook!” but that’s what it sounded like to me.

– I’m going to go eat now.



My friend Kristyn was kind enough to allow me to use part of her maiden name in this strip, and I have to say that I couldn’t have done it without her.  I always wondered what her middle name was.  Thanks Kristyn!

A short story that includes my friend Kristyn:  In high school chemistry, Kristyn would always get the highest score in the class.  Every time we had an exam, our teacher would deliver the exams in order from highest to lowest score, and every time we’d all watch Kristyn receive hers first.  I remember the final exam being ridiculous on so many levels.  It was multiple choice, so i decided to fill out all the answers that I knew first.  When our teacher informed us that we had five minutes left, I realized I only answered seven out of the 50 questions.  In a mad scramble i decided to just fill in the most random pattern I could think of.  The next day, I was anticipating getting my paper back dead last, but instead, I was first!  How did this happen?  I think this is the reason why I will never win the lottery, because all of my luck was used up on that ridiculous chemistry test.

I substitute teach and sell solar supplies now, and Kristyn is now a super doctor and saves lives all the time or something.  Is there a moral somewhere?

Yes, I got to write this one.  My sister was contemplating opening a bakery, because she is a kick-ass baker, and I decided that I should help her choose some names.  Of course, she didn’t assign such a task to me.  I volunteered, whether she liked it or not.  Bake it So (she didn’t get the Star Trek reference).  Bake Love Not War.  Good Luvin’ from the Oven.  There were more, but those are the ones that I can remember at the moment.  Finally, I decide that the best one was KK Cakes.  Well, it was the funniest, and so it was decided to write a Normaltivity strip centered around the worse name for a bakery ever.