Some of you may be wondering just what has happened.  You may be wondering if Normaltivity has been replaced with some poorer, less awesome comic.

You would be correct.  But you would only know half the story. A third, even.

In truth, Spencer is apparently “super busy” this week with his “day job” which he continues to go to so he can “eat dinner.”  And so, I, the humble writer, put pen to paper and thus was born the first Normaltivity drawn by Dan.

I think we all know who has their priorities straight.

In reality, I do enjoy a good stick figure drawing now and again.  I used to be better at it (yes, better than this, even) back in the day, when I would draw stick figures fighting in the corner of my math book, or perhaps a 3 panel (it was called “The Misadventures of Allen”, a friend I had in high school.  Each strip involved some sort of ridiculously weird death for the aforementioned Allen.) while on lunch.

Then, of course, the internet happened, and stick figures were made cool, both by Xiao Xiao and XKCD.

Both are also much, much more involved than my work here.  And better.

But I would submit to you, dear reader, that they are nowhere near as self-aware and perhaps post-modern as what I have brought to you.

Erm.  Yeah.

Anyway, hopefully Spencer will be back next week.  Otherwise it’s just me again.