Have you seen the Transformers 2?  It just came out on the digital video disc and the download-to-own internets this past week.  Of course, if you go to the movie theater, it actually came out back in the summer.

Perhaps we are a bit late on this one.

In actual reality, this is a comic we wrote a while ago, but decided that it would be more topical if we could tie it to the release of some Transformers 2-related product.  We try to be timely this way.

Of course, Spencer is so busy that we had difficulty getting this out on time.  So difficult that we are two days late.

So the joke is months late.  The comic two days late.  Basically we’re just behind the 8-ball this week.

But hey, did you notice there’s a shiny new normaltivicast?  That’s 7 6 podcasts for you to listen to!  6 hours of your life that you’ll never get back!

I just noticed something.  Our joke is about product placement in a movie, but our comic itself is relying on a product and the placement of said product within our own storyline (if not visually, certainly within the zeitgeist of the world).  This presents us with a few questions:  Does this make us no better than the media overlords whom we so righteously mock?  Have we sunk to their level?  And most important, how do we get some of that sweet, sweet product placement money?