So officially, we’re back!

And officially, we’ve changed.

It’s been an intense few months.  Spencer got a job and got promoted like thirteen times.  I got a job, which adds (percentage wise) an infinite amount of work to my schedule.

We’ve also taken a step back from our heroes, as you might notice in today’s offering – which, we humbly submit, might be considered the second season of our little show here.  You may be wondering who those two new characters standing in the bathroom are.

That would be us.  Sort of.  Certainly they appear to be reasonably accurate representations of what we look like (although those of you who have seen me in person know that I got a haircut.  Oh, also a big step for me.).

I would like to state, for the record, that the three scenarios depicted have not, to the best of my recollection, occurred in real life.  Instead, they are visual representations that stem out of the discussion that Spencer and I had on the most recent Normaltivicast! – the podcast which you shall find at the end of my little post here.  In it, we discuss Health Care, Small Talk, Bathroom Etiquette, and generally catch up on what happened.  Also, I believe I had a delicious taco.

But all in all, this is where we are – and, if you’ll permit – likely where we are headed – podcasts and comics, joined together as simultaneous entertainment.  This does not mean that Dino, Robot, Ninja, and Adam are gone forever – they’ll still pop in from time to time, when they have something to teach us – but let’s be honest, all that color is hard to draw.

Lest I forget, this week’s music is from Alexander Hamilton once again, a track entitled “Ghouls & Ghosts”.  We’ve also thanked them in our podcast, but as we enter the second season, we have to thank those who have helped along the way in our first year, including all our friends and family, but in particular, special shout-outs go to Jen Ramos, Mike Hew, Jason Arimoto, and of course, Kogi BBQ – who still refuses to sue us, despite our blatant “borrowing” of their logo and likeness for humor purposes.

Onward into 2010!  (What do you mean it’s April already?)