So obviously it’s been a while since the KFC Double Down was released.  Perhaps you have tried it.  But in the event that you haven’t, we have provided you with a guided tour of sorts to what you might expect.

This also probably tells you roughly when we recorded the lastest Normaltivicast!  Which, we think, is finally #9, even though I’m fairly certain we’ve established at least one or possibly two others as Normaltivicast #9.

But this is #9.  Probably.

So obviously, our output speed has slowed considerably.  Some would suggest that this is because we are “abandoning” you.  I can assure you we are not!  It has more to do with us being “lazy”.  That and Spencer is finally starting to learn that having five jobs means sometimes having to do work.  And I am learning that there are many things to do in what I would call my “free time” – which I have much of, again, since I don’t do the drawing.

Perhaps I should learn to draw.  Or, I could continue to sit here and do nothing.  That sounds slightly easier.

Anyway, in this installment of the Normaltivicast! we eat the Double Down live (to recording) to let you know how it is, Dan wants to know why people bother him instead of using the Google, and Spencer takes us down a “Transformers”-based rabbit hole that you just can’t come back from (spoiler alert: it involves Megan Fox, Shia, and Bumblebee).


P.S. – This Normaltivicast features special guest Jason Arimoto of the band JMD, but oddly, the backing music comes not from JMD but from the band Silence is Sexy – “This Ain’t Hollywood”.  If we had planned better perhaps we would have borrowed some music from JMD.  Maybe next time.