Hi all,

You might have noticed that we haven’t posted a comic in a little while.  Two weeks, in fact!

We also have not done a normaltivicast in the same amount of time.

So the question you’re all asking:  what happened?  Have you guys quit?

The answer is no.  We have not quit.  We are, however, having some difficulty getting our schedule together, and the every-week-we-must-create-new-things stress was getting to Spencer, which makes things difficult for us since he’s the one that does all the work.

Plus he has that new job that keeps him busy and whatnot.  I mean, I’m trying to learn how to use Illustrator, but let’s be honest, I’m a writer, and as such have no real demonstrable skill in anything else.

Anyway.  In the interest of trying to create the best work we can (and let’s face it, there were a couple of weeks there where even we were saying “yeah it’s not out best, but we’ve got to get something out there.”), we’re going to on a “whenever we feel like it” update schedule for the foreseeable future.  At least until Spencer makes some money, and certainly until I learn how to use Illustrator.

But with such an uneven update schedule, how will you keep up?

Why, by following us on Twitter, of course!  Or by becoming our fan on Facebook!  Or with that RSS feed thing up there!  So many ways to keep you posted!

Now we just have to create something…